It is never an easy task to achieve successful outcomes in a school. It takes time and patience to know what works and doesn't work for an educational institution. But what if we tell you there is a bypass, a shortcut to quickly achieve success in a school?

First, a mythbuster. A successful school is built not just by the principal and management but by the overall, combined efforts of the entire school body. This includes the leadership team, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, AND the students. Nothing can stop the school when the entire school body comes together to create SUCCESS CULTURE!

What does success culture look like for a school?

A positive approach throughout the institution is the hallmark of  success culture. Each and every staff member - especially the teaching staff - share the same desire and passion as the school management to inspire and drive positive change in students. The staff possesses a positive attitude towards growth and passes this on to the students.

For all of the above to happen, the school management first needs to outline its vision and mission, which in turn need to be passed on to the rest of the staff at the institution. 

Why is success culture important? Here are the top reasons why:

1) Fosters a genuine desire for accomplishment in both teachers and students

When teachers know the vision of the school management, they work to reflect that in the classroom as well. The students are the ones who will benefit most from this. This ultimately leads to the school achieving overall fruitful academic results.

2) Enhances the efficacy of teachers

Self-efficacy is a pivotal factor leading to the success of one's actions. Only when we believe in our capabilities, can we push our capacities as well. When given the belief that they can be successful and feel involved in the school's vision, teachers can work magic with their students. 

3) Encourages collegiality between teachers, thus bringing in a shared sense of responsibility which enhances teamwork

Teamwork is involved when the entire team is working towards a common goal. And as they say, teamwork makes the dream work. Teachers become supportive of each other and try to bring the best out of their students… together.

4) Better staff retention for the school 

When the institution is able to put its vision into action with the right and timely plan of action, success is guaranteed. And the staff working together behind the success will grow along and will have a sense of belonging at the institution. Therefore they would want to continue to be a part of the succes of the institution. 

So, how to take the first step?

Every institution can be successful if exposed to proven strategies used by industry experts to transform a school. Identifying and implementing the best practices can be done in a jiffy with expert help. Our StarTeacher program is designed for school leaders and teachers who share the vision to implement a successful culture in their institution. With over 250+ institutions writing their success stories after implementing the StarTeacher program, we would be delighted to have your school on our list of successfully transformed schools.