A Holistic Teacher Training Program

A teacher training program that will help every teacher, and school, achieve success. Recovering learning loss caused by the pandemic; best classroom-management practices; modern pedagogy strategies; innovative teaching-learning processes – the program covers it all and more.

Our teacher training program strengthens and perfects the teaching-learning process through structured and skillful training from senior trainers on topics including

  • Education Practices

  • 21st Century Learning

  • Innovative Teaching and Learning

  • Effective Classroom Intervention

  • Teacher Well-being

  • Communication Skills 

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Comprehensive, holistic, impactful training process

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Components of StarTeacher

  • Live workshops: Expert trainers conduct in-person workshops several times a year to train, demonstrate, and assess teachers 
  • Video conferences: Live workshops are strongly supported by video sessions
  • Assessments: Teachers are assessed pre, mid and post the programme. 
  • WhatsApp groups: 24/7 sharing of ideas, strategies, techniques by Learning Matters and sharing of implementation by teachers 
  • Mentorship calls: Teachers have one-on-one calls with mentor trainers to receive individualised, customised support
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How is StarTeacher implemented?

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Take the first step


The StarTeacher programme includes modules on various facets of teaching including pedagogical approaches, classroom management, assessment strategies, remediation strategies, effective use of teaching aids and tools, recovering from learning loss, effective incorporation of technology, and many more. We are open to customising the modules for an institution. Please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Our typically recommendation is atleast 30 teachers from a single institution. If your institution has less than 30 teachers but you are really interested in upskilling your teachers, reach out to us. We will leave no stone unturned to see if we can bring StarTeacher to your school.

Typically, the StarTeacher programme runs for a duration of 10 months.

Not at all. The StarTeacher programme is an effective combination of face-to-face and online sessions. This helps to make the programme affordable for institutions without compromising on the quality of the training given. And what's more, Whatsapp groups are created for 24/7 interaction and discussions between the teachers and the StarTeacher facilitators.

Our StarTeacher trainers are expert teacher trainers and mentors. Most of them have extensive experience teaching in the classroom and have been training teachers for many years.