Specially-designed activity kits for K12

Eight complete sets of innovative, educational activities in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies for each grade. Each ToolBox contains eight complete activity sets with instruction manuals, worksheets, teacher resource with answer keys and additional question extensions, and multidisciplinary project ideas. The innovative materials create an activity-based, student-centric atmosphere of teaching and learning. Unique, creative, engaging materials that are durable, reusable, and usable across topics, concepts, subjects and grades. Activities are aligned to all major Indian syllabi.


Powerful in diverse teaching-learning settings


Diverse, creative materials can be used in multiple ways to teach and learn

Diverse, creative materials can be used in multiple ways to teach and learn

  • Use activities and experiments to introduce a concept or topic.
  • Use activities, experiments and multidisciplinary project idea to practice understanding of the concept or topic.
  • Test students' understanding with worksheets. Use question extensions for students who have mastered concepts or need additional support.
  • Enable mastery of concepts with activity extension ideas.
  • Use and re-use activities, experiements, and worksheets to provide exhaustive remediation.

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