AI and NLP-powered, cloud-based, virtual voice teacher.

Tara teaches international-standard communicative English to children, young adults, and adults. It is an intelligent and powerful combination of a voice-enabled device (such as Amazon Alexa) with content created by experts in Learning Matters.

Tara teaches learners how to effectively communicate in English through a combination of lessons that include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Institutions need only the device, internet, and our books to get started. Tara does the rest.



TARA English Language Lab (TELL)

what is TARA English language lab (TELL).jpg

The benefits of TELL

  • Native English fluency 

  • Blended learning with voice technology + books + activities

  • Personalized learning for every student

  • Individual assessment and scoring

  • Higher student engagement → better results

  • Greater flexibility and increased instruction time

  • Aligned to CEFR 


A Learning Experience Like No Other


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