Unique professional development programme for teachers

Strengthens and perfects the teaching-learning process through structured and skillful training from senior trainers on topics including

  • Education Practices
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Effective Classroom Intervention
  • Teacher Well-being

Comprehensive, holistic, impactful training process

Components of StarTeacher

  • Live workshops: Expert trainers conduct in-person workshops several times a year to train, demonstrate, and assess teachers 
  • Video conferences: Live workshops are strongly supported by video sessions
  • Assessments: Teachers are assessed pre, mid and post the programme. 
  • Whatsapp groups: 24/7 sharing of ideas, strategies, techniques by Learning Matters and sharing of implementation by teachers 
  • Mentorship calls: Teachers have one-on-one calls with mentor trainers to receive individualised, customised support

How is StarTeacher implemented?